Charming prints and fine jewelry | Handmade in Asheville, NC

Creature's Virtue is inspired by animal symbolism, deconstruction, and fantasy. 

The jewelry collection began by deconstructing the snake, a symbol of eternity and creation.  Starting with the most obvious naturalistic representation; I break it down, looking at things like texture, patterns, and shapes within the form.  The body of work created varies from realistic representations to more bold geometric forms, all while maintaining a cohesive spirit.  From here the collection expands to include other creatures that compliment my series of whimsical animal portraits.

The collection of prints, paintings, and postcards speak to fun and fantasy.  These portraits are a nod to my beginnings as a portrait painter.  I anthropomorphize characteristics that are unique to each animal subject, creating something that captures the charm inherent in all creatures.

Creature's Virtue is committed to supporting local businesses and uses local printers and suppliers whenever possible.

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