Custom Work

Looking for something uniquely yours? Be it a completely original engagement piece, or recycling heirloom stones, I'm happy to work with you to create the perfect piece of jewelry. Use this link to start the process-

Lord of the Rings, Evenstar inspired engagement ring. 14k rose gold, 8 conflict free white melee diamonds, 1.51ct cushion rose cut galaxy diamond.

14k yellow gold cat tooth ring, set with 2mm Ethiopian opal

Powder coated sterling silver with spinel eyes.

14k white gold with customer's recycled diamonds, and 8 2mm peridot.

18k rose gold wedding bands- band on the right is set with ethically sourced pear shaped white, and green diamonds

18k yellow gold, 5x7mm moss agate, 2mm ethically sourced green diamonds. The inspiration for this ring was 'witchy' and 'mushrooms.'

Bark inspired wedding band set. On the left -sterling silver, set with ruby, alexandrite, and tourmaline, which represent the couple's birthstones and the month of their wedding anniversary. On the right- 18k yellow gold, designed to fit around her engagement ring.

Nickel and brass sassafras money clip, set with jasper. Inspired by the customer's husband's love of local flora and fauna.

Sterling silver, moissanite, sapphire, turquoise, and peridot. The accent stones are birthstones of each of the couple's three daughters

Oxidized sterling silver and ruby memorial fan ring. This ruby was repurposed from the customer's late father's ring

Memorial sterling silver hawk ring. This turquoise was repurposed from the customer's late father's bracelet.

This custom wedding ring used the diamond from the customer's original engagement ring. Set in sterling silver with 14k yellow gold accents, and two 2.5 mm London blue topaz symbolizing love and loyalty

Custom 14k yellow gold cat canine ring.

Sterling silver, citrine, inlaid jade cocktail ring.

Walnut stained oak, recycled 14k yellow gold, inlaid jade men's wedding band.

Sterling silver, brecciated red jasper, dog baby teeth. These pieces were made using the customer's dog's baby teeth. His name is Jasper, which is why we included jasper as the main gemstone.

14k yellow, 3mm garnet, VS diamond, turquoise. Mother daughter birthstone earring set.

14k yellow gold, 2mm Montana sapphire, 8mm morganite, 5mm Madagascar ruby. This piece was made with the customer's morganite.

14k white gold, tiger's eye, 5mm diamond, oval sapphire. This ring was made using a mix of stones from the customer's late mother's jewelry

Customer's diamond, 10k yellow gold, rose quartz inlay. The concept here was 'meta love' The love rune 'inguz' is inlaid with crushed rose quartz, symbolizing self love.

Customer's diamond, 10k yellow gold, rose quartz inlay. The concept here was 'meta love' The love rune 'inguz' is inlaid with crushed rose quartz, symbolizing self love.

Fresh water pearls, 14k yellow gold, gold fill chain. Maid of honor set.

14k yellow gold, inlaid morganite.

Sterling silver, inlaid turquoise butterfly ring

Sterling silver, inlaid turquoise butterfly ring

Sterling silver, inlaid turquoise butterfly ring

Sterling silver, raw moldavite, 2mm white opal

Sterling silver, 4x6mm marquise tourmaline, five 2mm white opals

14k rose gold, six 1.5mm pink topaz. This is the wedding band to accompany the 14k rose gold and pear shaped morganite ring.

Sterling silver, 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold. 8x6 mm faceted Ethiopian Opal, 3mm trillion cut peridot, two 1.5mm amethyst. This ring was designed as a sister ring to two others, one of which I also made and one I did not.

18k white gold engagement ring with a 5mm Madagascar ruby and 2 aquamarines.

Engagement ring and wedding band set. 14k yellow gold with the customers bespoke diamond, aquamarine, emeralds, and 9 conflict free 1.3mm white diamonds.

14k Palladium white gold engagement ring, with 2 conflict free salt and pepper diamonds in 24k yellow gold settings.

18k yellow gold, with 4 2mm conflict free white diamond wedding band

Silver birthstone cluster necklace. Baguette aquamarine, 5pt rose cut conflict free diamond, 2mm alexandrite.

Celtic inspired Bespoke ring. 7x4mm Tanzanite, two 3mm conflict free white diamonds, 18k yellow gold band, 14k white gold settings and Celtic knot.

His and hers bracelet and ring Anniversary set. Raw Rubies, white topaz, silver, and brass.

14k rose gold engagement ring with pear shaped morganite, aquamarine, and amethysts for Morgan and Ian.

Wedding Band in 18k yellow gold with 4 conflict free blue diamonds.

Custom silver and 14k yellow gold engagement ring. Set with a mirror, 4 amethyst, and 2 peridot. The gold sigil is unique to the couple, representing two people and love shared between them.

Custom men's engagement ring. Oxidized sterling silver, inlayed: lapis, malachite, carnelian, lemurian quartz, moldavite, obsidian, and pyrite. The stones are arranged to line up with the points of a seven pointed star.

Bridal necklace inspired by the bride's engagement ring. Sterling silver, sapphire, and silver mist diamonds.

14k rose gold and diamond wedding band soldered to customers engagement ring. The back of a band if a fisherman's knot, which becomes stronger under pressure.

25th anniversary ring in 18k white gold, set with 1 carat GIA certified GHI2 white diamond, and 1 carat of 5pt fancy yellow diamonds.

Custom 14k yellow and white gold rice plant engagement ring with a tiny white diamond. This was for a Vietnamese couple, and the groom's nickname for his fiance was 'rice plant.'

Custom silver calla lily ring with a fresh water pearl stamen.

Custom silver men's moon phase bracelet, with amber.

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